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What is PBS?

PBS Kansas

Pbs Kansas Brief


Kansas PBS Medicaid Services

Individuals under the age of 21 with Title 19 Medicaid and who are KanBeHealthy eligible qualify for PBS services. Parents, care-givers, or professionals who are interested in PBS services for their child should contact their child's MCO for more information regarding providers in your area. For more information on KanBeHealthy eligibility visit Be Healthy Main.asp. For more information on PBS Services, please visit this link at the KDADS website:

Information for Facilitators

Facilitators (endorsed billers) who have completed the KIPBS course and would like more information on billing and forms for PBS services should visit this direct link at the KDADS website:

Alternatively, go to the KDADS website homepage at and follow the instructions below.

To access the PBS information from the KDADS website homepage, providers should do the following:

  • Click on the Behavioral Health Services link, located under the Community Services and Programs header (center column, top of the page).
  • Click on "Providers" in the left-hand side navigation menu.
  • Click "PBS Providers" in the list of links on the page.

Information for Prospective KIPBS Students

The PBS course is offered at two levels: certification and endorsement. Certification is for those who are interested in training but do not intend to bill. The endorsement level is for individuals and agencies who plan to bill Medicaid for PBS services. For more information regarding upcoming training opportunities contact Matt Enyart at or Sara Quick at

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