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KIPBS Toolbox

The purpose of the KIPBS Toolbox is to provide easy access to information related to topic areas in positive behavior support and person-centered planning. Each topic area listed below contains brief summaries, troubleshooting guides, tools, and resource links that can assist in the problem solving process. The information available in this Toolbox is covered in more detail within the KIPBS modules. You can use the Toolbox if you have already completed the modules and need to review information quickly. The Toolbox is also helpful if you are currently a student and need to find out more information about a certain topic before it has been covered in class. Use the Toolbox as a way to problem solve when your team is experiencing difficulties completing part of the positive behavior support or person-centered planning process.

Toolbox by Module

This section provides the tools as they are shown in the KIPBS modules.

Toolbox by Subject Area

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