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PBS Training

Professionals participating in the KIPBS training will be expected to successfully complete training that will include both theory and application-based experiences during a 6-month period. Online instructional materials will be used to disseminate important concepts and theory on PBS and PCP. Onsite instructors will model specific PBS and PCP strategies, provide opportunities for professionals to apply theoretical knowledge, and reflect upon student progress. Students will be evaluated based upon four components, including:

  • A portfolio demonstrating the application of PBS with case study data, PCP, and examples of systems-level interventions (e.g. Power Point presentations and workshops, or written evaluations of staff development systems);
  • Completion of online instructional courses which will test conceptual knowledge of PBS including the principles of behavior, research-validated intervention strategies, PCP, systems change, and enhancing quality of life;
  • Direct application of PBS as supervised by KIPBS Instructors and Mentors; and
  • Course exams.

Professionals interested in participating in the Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support will be asked to contribute 12 hours a year to the Institute for maintaining eligibility for reimbursement. The 12 hours will be used to continue professional development, assist in mentoring new professionals, and implement systems-level interventions collaboratively in Kansas organizations. At the end of their training, professionals will be asked to provide an action plan for the following year describing how the 12 hours will be implemented.


Check back soon for details about the next class. If you are interested in applying for the next round of training, please email KIPBS at


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