Stylized ornate box-turtle (Kansas state reptile) with the words 'Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support

Training Materials from the Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support (KMHPBS) Project

The links below allow you to view the interactive awareness-level trainings produced by the KMHPBS Project. Each training is made available in two formats: Interactive and Video Version. To play the Interactive version of the awareness training, click on the segment title. Your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox) must have Adobe Flash Player installed. The interactive version must download fully before it will begin. For those with slower internet speeds or who are viewing our site on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone), we recommend the Video Versions of the KMHPBS awareness training. Each video version is the same as its corresponding interactive version, except you won't be able fill-in the periodic knowledge-check quiz questions.

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